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At Jessica O'Dwyer Functional Nutrition, we're more than just a London-based Nutrition Clinic— we're a global hub for personalised, science-backed nutritional therapy. Specialising in virtual consultations, we extend our expertise worldwide to empower individuals with digestive issues, hormone imbalances, and fluctuating energy levels. Our multidisciplinary team brings years of experience in both nutrition and psychology, ensuring an integrative approach to your well-being. Committed to setting the gold standard in inclusive wellness solutions, we provide one-on-one and group sessions that centre around you. Dive deeper into your journey towards optimal health by contacting us today to explore our comprehensive range of services.


Meet Our Experts

Meet the dedicated experts behind Jessica O'Dwyer Functional Nutrition, a team deeply committed to your health and well-being. Guided by science and years of clinical experience, we set the bar high in providing personalised care. Discover the professionals making transformative health a reality at our renowned Nutrition Clinic. Book your appointment today to start your journey towards optimised well-being.

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Jessica O'Dwyer MSc mBANT CNHC

Registered Nutritional Therapist

With a Master's degree in Personalised Nutrition, Jessica is dedicated to helping you boost your energy levels, improve gut health, and overcome fatigue. Leveraging her scientific expertise and years of experience, Jessica crafts uniquely tailored nutrition and lifestyle plans designed to meet your specific needs. She goes beyond the generic 'one-size-fits-all' approach, focusing on your individual biology and lifestyle. Whether you're striving for better balance in your daily life or aiming to feel more vibrant and healthy, Jessica's mission is to provide you with the personalised care you deserve to achieve optimal health and vitality. 

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Susanne O'Driscoll


Susanne O'Discoll is a highly skilled CBT and EMDR therapist who brings a wealth of experience to Jessica O'Dwyer Functional Nutrition. Susanne offers a trauma-informed approach in which each patient is treated with compassionate, personal, and expert care.

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